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Running for a Cause

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Today, I’m not going to talk about technology or ERP. Instead I’m going to talk about one of my other loves, namely running. I started running back when I was 35 years old. For most of my life before that I couldn’t put on weight no matter how hard I tried, I was perpetually extremely skinny. Then I turned 35 and things changed. I started to put on weight quickly, my only exercise was various weekend warrior type activities. As a result I ended up hurting my back during some ice skating and ended up immoveable for several days. As part of my recovery I went to physical therapy where they basically blamed everything on my lack of physical fitness.

Once I recovered from my back injury, I pledged to start exercising regularly. At that time I lived in Tsawwassen and several of my neighbors were avid runners. So I started getting up early and going for a run every second morning along the dyke. Once I got going, I joined the Tsawwassen running club the Bayside Striders. After that I worked my way up running in 5K runs then 10K runs then half marathons and eventually full marathons.

I found that only running and running the long distances required for marathon training was too hard on my body and I would frequently get injured. So after running four marathons I took up triathlon which then mixes up the training between swimming, running and cycling. Since doing that I haven’t had a sports related injury (knock wood). I worked my way up to participating in the Victoria Half-Ironman race. Then since then I’ve continued training, but only participated in a few running races including the Sun Run and the Terry Fox Run.

Setting Goals

I’ve found running and triathlon are great ways to stay in shape. But for the last year or so I’ve been letting other priorities get in the way of my regular training. As a result I’ve gained back some weight and ran my slowest Sun Run since my first year participating. I think part of that is that I haven’t been entering races. I think unless you have a goal it’s just too easy to let other things take precedence.


My wife, Cathalynn, has been afflicted with quite bad psoriatic arthritis for the past few years and volunteers for the Mary Pack Arthritis Program. She was attending a party thrown for volunteers and found out that the Arthritis Society was participating in the Scotiabank Vancouver Half Marathon Charity Challenge. I found out about this just as I finished the Sun Run and realized that I would have two months to train and bring my running distance up from 10k to 21km for the Half Marathon distance. This seemed like an ideal goal. Improve my fitness by increasing my running distance and raising money for a charity I really believe in. So I set this as my goal, started fund raising and started increasing my long runs by 2km each week.

Cathalynn has written a guest piece for this blog on her Arthritis experience here.

2012 Scotiabank Vancouver Half-Marathon

Setting a goal has definitely made a difference. Rather than just skipping a midweek run just because I have a busy day or too many meetings, now I find a way to get that run in. Similarly now my long run becomes much more important on the weekend.

Running for Charity

Running for charity is a great way to combine a running goal with giving back to the community. Fundraising is easy now with the Web, whenever you sign up for one of these, a web site gets created that people can contribute to.


So if you want to check out my site, its at:

and please sponsor me for this race. It’s a great cause.

Garmin Smart Watch

Well, I guess I can’t really blog entirely without mentioning technology. When I run I use my Garmin GPS watch which records my route and all sorts of running data along with it. So for instance you can see the data for my 14km long run last weekend here. It also has a heart rate monitor and will record your heart rata data as well (though I didn’t wear it on the run in the link). There is a lot of talk about Apple coming out with a smart watch, but I tend to think that Garmin has been doing this successfully for quite some time now. Incidentally Cathalynn gave me this watch one Christmas, so thanks for the great gift.


Running is a great way to stay healthy. To reduce weight and increase cardiovascular health. The main obstacle is usually fitting it into our busy schedules. Setting goals like big races is a great way to provide motivation and to give our running priority. Running for a charity is a great way to make it personal and to provides a great way to give back to the community.


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May 11, 2013 at 10:40 pm