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Virtual LinuxFest Northwest

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Last year we packed up the r-pod travel trailer and headed down to Bellingham, WA for some mountain biking and LinuxFest Northwest 2019. It was a really fun and informative show that I blogged about here. I greatly enjoyed the show and hoped to return the next year participating by giving a presentation. I applied last fall and was accepted. This looked like it was going to really work out since the show corresponded with the release of my second computer book: Programming with 64-Bit ARM Assembly Language from Apress.

Enter Covid-19

Things were looking good until in February things started to lock down and get cancelled due to the Covid-19 outbreak. Eventually LinuxFest NorthWest in Bellingham was added to the list of cancelled events. Even if the organizers hadn’t cancelled, the border between Canada and the USA was closed to all non-essential travel. I suspect I would have had a hard time convincing the border guards that my presentation at LinuxFest was essential.

The organizers of LinuxFest Northwest weren’t happy abandoning the show all together so they asked all the presenters if they would record their presentations and upload them to be posted on the LinuxFest YouTube channel. Further they set up a questions and answer section on the LinuxFest discussion forums.

It looks like quite a few presenters participated and you can find all the sessions here. The Q&A forums are all here. More specifically my presentation is here.


I’m disappointed that LinuxFest Northwest didn’t happen live this year. I was looking forward to it. But at least we had the virtual event. I invite you to browse and watch a few of the sessions. Hopefully, we will gather in person next year.

Written by smist08

May 22, 2020 at 1:09 pm

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