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Sage 300 2016 Operations Beta » oe1100new

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  1. Stephen, one thing that seems to be missing from this UI, that I’d very much like to see, is a “+” and “-” button in some areas of the above O/E Order Entry screen that would allow the user to vertically expand or contract (show or hide, if you will) some of the sections of the screen containing some of the fields….otherwise the screen is just too busy with too much information displayed….information that may not be used or needed by some users.

    For example, the “Shipment Details” and “Order description” sections should have a + and – to hide or show them. I know that you and the development team are already familiar with the benefit of this because you’ve already put this functionality into many of the new web UI’s for other modules…for example, the new A/R Invoice Entry web UI has a + / – to allow the user to hide/show Apply-To Details and Ship-To Details sections, allowing for a cleaner and more understandable and friendly UI by giving the user the ability to expand or contract those sections of the screen. IMO if there was ever a UI that needed to similarly take advantage of this type of flexibility, it’s the above O/E Order Entry screen, which seems quite overly tall and overloaded with fields and data that may not be needed to be on continuous display for many end-users. Is there a particular reason this functionality appears to have been left out of the O/E Entry Screen? And what’s chances of adding it into the live release? Thanks!


    December 10, 2015 at 1:05 am

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