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More on Sage ERP Accpac 6.1A Order Entry

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Sage ERP Accpac 6.1A is starting to come together with most screens mostly implemented. Beta will be starting soon. It’s been seven months or so since we kicked off development and we’re all starting to look forward to release. I started to show a number of screens from the new Web Based Order Entry module here, now with this blog posting we’ll look at a few more aspects of Order Entry 6.1A in the web.

Remember that you aren’t forced to use the new Web UIs, we hope you will use them; however, all the regular VB based UIs are still there just like they are in 6.0A (or 5.x). This means if you have heavily customized O/E screen you can continue to use those and choose when and if you will move the customizations to the new screens. Also if you are incredibly well trained in heads down order entry on the old screens and what to maintain that, then you are free to do so. In fact you can have some users running the old screen and some users running the new screens, they all co-exist perfectly in one installation.

Generally the web based screens have the same functionality as the current VB based screens. However things may be moved around a bit or styled to look a bit nicer. Below is a screen shot of the new Order Entry UI showing the customer credit check popup. Which shows Ronald Black is very much over his credit limit.

Reports are still based on Crystal Reports. In fact we haven’t changed the current O/E reports at all. This way you can use exactly the same customized reports in the web that you are currently using in Accpac. The general mechanism of running reports is the same, you first get a screen that asks you for various ranges, filters and other options for the report, and then when you click print you get the actual Crystal Report. This means there is no extra cost re-doing customized forms when you go to version 6.1A whether you use the Web screens or not. Below is the form for getting the options for the O/E Aged Orders report:

Notice that the “Print” button is actually a combo-box where you can have the report open in a new tab, or replace the current tab. If you select a new tab, then you can have multiple versions of the report open at once and compare them. The reports are displayed in the Accpac Web Portal using the Crystal HTML Viewer. There is no requirement for a plug-in or ActiveX control. This means you can view these reports in any browser on any device. The reports are run on the server using the Crystal Java runtime, so there is no requirement for any extra server like Crystal Enterprise. When you press “Print” you get the following:

Since, so far only O/E has moved to the Web, if you drill down to a form in another module you will get a VB UI. This functionality will only work if you are running in the 32-Bit version of Internet Explorer. All other functionality works in other browsers like Chrome, Safari or Firefox; but, you can only run non-web based programs from the 32-Bit version of IE. Partly this is why the previous screen shots are from my favorite browser which is Chrome, but the next screen shot is from IE. The next screen shot shows choosing Inquiry from the Customer’s context menu in the Web Screen. Then this runs the A/R Customer Inquiry screen which we still only have a VB version for.

Of course there are Web versions of all the various statistics and inquiry screens such as Salesperson Inquiry pictured below:

Then we have all the setup screens such as Ship-via Codes pictured below:


The intent of this blog posting was to give a further view into the forthcoming Web Based Order Entry module. Just to show what’s coming soon…

Update 2011/09/17: Actually it turns out there is an open plug-in interface that works for Firefox, Chrome and Safari which has allowed us to develop a single plug-in that now lets the VB UIs run from these Browsers. So now there are no limitations using Chrome, Firefox or Safari.

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September 4, 2011 at 12:26 am

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