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Sage ERP Accpac 6.0 – Locking Fiscal Periods by Module

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As Chief Architect for the Accpac product line, I usually write about technology topics, especially the new technologies that are going into version 6. However I do get requests to write about other application features that are being enhanced.

As we developed the plans for version 6, we are taking on a number of big challenges to update the Accpac technology to modernize our User Interface. This includes improving TCO by being fully Web-based so no Workstation Setup is required and investing a lot of time and money in User Centered Design to improve the look, usability and workflow of all our screens.

However, we are still investing time and effort to address the main pain points in our Accounting applications. So for this blog posting, I thought I’d cover the new “Locking Fiscal Periods by Module” feature.

From our user surveys, site visits and business partner feedback, a much requested feature is the ability to lock fiscal periods by accounting module. Suppose as we pass month end, we might want to ensure all Order Entry clerks are entering transactions in the new month, since they are live and online; but, in A/R we may still be processing some paper documents that still need to be entered. So for data entry accuracy we would like to lock the last month for O/E but still keep using it for a few days for A/R. Similarly when A/P finishes the last month they want to lock the period independently from whether A/R is finished or not.

We expanded the Common Services Fiscal Calendar function, to rather than lock/unlock a fiscal period for everyone at once, to having a matrix of locking of period versus application. Then you can check/uncheck for each application/period independently.

This looks intimidating, but isn’t too bad in real use, since practically you are only dealing with one column at a time. Plus we provide buttons to lock/unlock whole columns and rows at a time.

Then all the Accpac Accounting modules have been modified to use this new data and behave accordingly.

Notice that the screenshot is of one of our standard VB screens, showing we are still doing development here, even as we are developing out all our new User Interfaces.

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February 19, 2010 at 10:11 pm

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  1. Stephen,

    Locking feature at sub ledger would be fantastic to have. Good move and I believe this would be receive a good applause with everyone.


    Sundaresan Ramanathan

    February 20, 2010 at 6:39 pm

  2. […] One very frequently requested feature is the ability to lock fiscal periods by module. This is now incorporated into Accpac and available to all users whether you use the new web component or not. This is a top vote getter from our idea suggestion web site. This feature gives you the ability say to lock a fiscal period for AR, AP, IC, OE, PO but keep it open for GL as you finish up month end. For more information on this see:…. […]

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