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Frenzy in the WWW

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Seems to be a lot happening in the web these days. Microsoft Bing goes live, Google goes into a frenzy of upgrades to their search engine. Microsoft makes a deal with Yahoo. Facebook buys FriendFeed. Twitter downed by a denial of service attack. Everyone frantically trying to be the ultimate search/social networking/communications service.

I received by test account for Google Wave today. The first thing that struck me, was that I would love it to be connected to FaceBook or LinkedIn, so I actually have someone to communicate with. Great tool, but the trick would be adoption. I think if any social networking site had developed this, it could really take off. Not sure how Google will manage alone. Maybe they’ll make a deal with Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, LinkedIn or someone. Someway to really spiff up the communications features of these sites, which tend to be a bit lacking.

It seems Microsoft unveiled Bing to much fanfare and have been running a massive number of TV commercials promoting it. But it seems that it is already standing still as everyone surpasses it. Google has already upgraded their search a couple of times, adding features Bing promises, but doesn’t deliver yet. Not sure if Microsoft understands how to compete in the Internet world. Still running on quite long software development life cycles, rather than operating in Internet time where product updates can be quickly rolled out.

Meanwhile Microsoft is playing Pepsi to Apple’s Coke in the music player category with Zune trying to compete with the iPod. I think they are starting from so far behind that they really don’t have a chance. Combine that with the power of the iPod/iPhone application store and they don’t seem to have much chance.

It seems online office productivity tools like word processing  and spreadsheets are quickly moving to the web. Probably much quicker than anyone anticipated. Meanwhile laptop prices continue to fall through the floor. Can now get good Linux based laptops for $200. Not much room in that price for the Microsoft Windows tax. With no real demand for office, these make a lot of sense now. The newer laptops can’t even run Windows since they are based on ARM CPUs.

Anyway all these developments, competitions and change make life interesting. Good time to be in the computer industry.

Written by smist08

August 18, 2009 at 2:51 am

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  1. I’m happy to hear somebody I know is looking at Wave — maybe I’ll be the second one. My theory is that they will use Google Reader & GMail as their distribution channel for this technology (oh yeah, and Orkut in Brazil). I’m sure they’ll rope in somebody like LinkedIn, too.

    Chuck LeDuc Diaz

    August 18, 2009 at 2:55 pm

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