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Recently, I intended the Sage Insights conference in Nashville, Tennessee. The conference was at the Gaylord hotel attached to the Grand Ole Opry, basically the largest non-gambling hotel in the US. It has several large courtyards are enclosed under glass, hence its nickname the biodome. I was there presenting on the new next generation of Sage Accpac ERP, now officilly name Sage Accpac ERP 6. This is our new web based, pure HTML/Javascript version of Accpac. All the screens have been re-designed and had extensive UCD (User Centered Design) work on them. They are recognizably Accpac, but much more modern and easy to learn.

I gave a three minute demo during the Accpac divisional keynote, and then was half of an overview presentation with the Product Manager, Eric Kaas. We demonstrated the new Sage Portal, a number of dashboard type KPI screens and a couple of more major data entry screens like A/R Invoice Entry. We also demostrated the screen designer that will be the basis for customization.

We also released a first version of the Accpac 6 SDK to a number of ISV partners that attended a two day training course I gave. We will be offering another training course next month in Vancouver.

Anyway the conference was lots of fun. Was happy to get so much positive feedback on Accpac 6. As always its good to mingle with all the Accpac partners, many of which, I’ve known for over 15 years now.

We’ve demo’ed parts of Accpac 6 in the past, but this time it was fun to demo a much more complete offering with the screen designs becoming much more real and use-able.

Besides my luggage taking an extra day to arrive, a very enjoyable conference. I was happy so many partners were able to attend. I enjoyed the kickoff 5km fun run around the Gaylord and the shopping mall next door. Food was good, and the Gaylord did a good job.

Looking forward to next year in Denver.

Written by smist08

May 26, 2009 at 4:04 am

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