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It seems like open source software development tools have really taken off. It seems like there are strong entries in every area from code editor to testing tools. They all seem high quality and well supported via open forums. It seems like the Apache organization, the Eclipse foundation, GNU and Linux have really put together a winning collection of tools. It seems like whenever I need a new tool, I can easily find an open source one; I don’t even bother looking at commercial or shareware ones anymore. I’m really impressed with what I can do with Eclipse, JMeter, Tomcat, GNU, Subversion and dozens of other tools. The big win is that they can be deployed to all developers instantly without going through a PO process, they don’t use up my budget and they get me up and running really quickly.

Anyway not really sure what the future is for companies like Borland, Compuware or even Microsoft’s development tools division are. Anyway back to economical, high powered software development. I’m really impressed how fast these are advancing and how quickly they can be put to use.


Written by smist08

January 22, 2009 at 5:06 am

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