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Computer Upgrade Cycle

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Quite a few companies depend on IT departments upgrading all their computers on a three year or so cycle. I think this is coming to an end. The unpopularity of Vista caused many to miss a cycle and as a result many saw that their computers were quite capable of performing word processing, email and web browsing. The most un-reliable part of a computer is the hard drive. Now with new solid state flash memory based permament storage, this component is removed. This leave really the keyboard and mouse as the only components that can’t easily last 10 years. I think going forwards the computer upgrade cycle is going to lengthen and companies like Dell, HP and Microsoft are going to suffer as a result. I think other software manufacturers need to take note as they need to provide value for these customers and not require future hardware/operating systems to operate. This is a definite advantage to browser based software as they tend to run just fine on older hardware. Firefox, Chrome, et all can easily be installed and effectively run on older computers.

I think long term this will be a good thing, as IT departments can use their budgets to provide value for their customers as opposed to just spending it upgrading hardware, operating systems and office.


Written by smist08

January 20, 2009 at 3:36 am

Posted in Business

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